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AR TICULATIONS (2018-20) is a project in two parts. One part is a poem; the other is the same poem drawn as bone-like formations (pen on paper). The work's dis/location mirrors the etymology of its title; ‘articulation’ relates to ‘joint’ and ‘joining’ particularly in relation to the setting of bones, and, in butchery, the division of meat into joints. Each iteration of the project addresses a broad fragmentation of matter and subjectivity to explore what it means to have, as well as to be a body: to possess and manifest; singularly and collectively.


By reimagining connections through which letters and words are usually joined in sequence, AR TICULATIONS makes alternative structures of arrangement visible, where variations in sense and sense-making rely on momentum just as bone, despite its rigidity, is malleable and always in flux. As a text without conjunctions, an ossified lexicon with no fascia or cartilage, some drawings connect via ball and socket, condyloid, or hinge joints; others by way of unnamed joints, overlapping, or becoming hybrid where a single bone forms two or three letters. Unlike conventional syntax and its governing logics, parts here coexist without conforming to a set of unifying principles that is, they allow for difference: of all the drawings (comprising 766 characters), no two are the same.

A short excerpt from an earlier version of the drawings appears in Intertitles: An anthology at the intersection of writing & visual art, published by Prototype in 2021. 

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