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Motherlugger (2020) is an audio play set in a small flat in London.


Unable to accept the fate of her long-deceased mother, an elderly woman suffers a series of blackouts, which become part of an increasingly erratic choreography of somatised grief. Reflecting on the entanglement of selfhood and ownership, Motherlugger explores the enduring dynamics between one absent and one present. Kattrin speaks.

Duration: 01:03:23

Written and directed by Flo Ray. Performed by Francesca Kos, with sound engineering by Sam McCormack. 


Motherlugger was commissioned by Verina Gfader and Ruth Höflich for CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG, and was broadcast from echo(es) in April 2021. It can be listened to here.


Publications available on request. 

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