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The Wrested

The Wrested (2019) is a fiction presented as dialogue, wherein competing voices grapple with who gets to tell the story.


When a group of weary individuals travel to an as yet uncharted island seeking convalescence, disagreement breaks out over conflicting accounts of events. Navigating hierarchies of knowledge and partisan narration, The Wrested confronts patriarchal oppression and the medical-industrial complex, exploring aspects of exhaustion engendered by systemic violence, and how it is that some marginalised bodies come to perpetuate the very structures that oppress them. 


CW: abuse (physical, emotional), psychiatric intervention, needles, blood.


An adaptation of The Wrested was performed in March 2020 at Ugly Duck, London, with Claudia Allmann, Valentina Bin, Hasti Crowther, Kaushikee Gupta, Khaver Idrees, Francesca Kos, Annina Lehmann, Dasha Loyko, Simina Neagu, Louise Riou-Djukic, and Olivia Walton, with a sung performance by Riley Reign.


Artwork on A2 Hahnemühle rag paper (308gsm) / publications available on request.

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